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Address Consulate:                                                          
Rue Robert Jones 78 - 1180 Uccle, Belgium                                         
Telephone: 0032 374.35.69                                                                   
Fax: 0032 2 375.94.15                                                                         
Email: amrusbel@skynet.be                                                                   
Website: http://www.belgium.mid.ru                                                     


Basic documents for a visa application 

    • 1 application form dully completed online through the website http://visa.kdmid.ru print it and sign it 
    • 1 recent picture in color, with a white background (ID size)
    • international passport valid min. 6 months after the return and must contain min. 2 blank pages face to face 
    • copy of the resident ID card for non-Belgian citizen
    • insurance travel, valid in Russia, written by the insurance company and covering the traveler the whole period of validity of the visa. 
    • the document must contain the following information : 
      • the name of the traveler 
      • the validity of the insurance must cover all the period of the visa and the dates must be clearly indicated.
      • the following sentence must be in the letter : the insurance covers the traveller in Russia 
      • starting from 18/06/2018 and for every request for the tourist visa ( for the tourist groups as well ), two-way tickets are mandatory !!

        WATCH OUT !!!
  • It's IMPERATIVE to fill in ALL the required informations. (Tel,Mail,..)
  • Specify THE COUNTRY with every adresses and the place of birth.
  • FOR TOURIST: if you don't intend to visit a host organisation: please fill in your hotel informations (info on your hotel voucher)
  • If you are UNEMPLOYED or RETIRED: specify this as WORK INFORMATION and add the same personal information as above. 

Additional documents for Business visa 

    • official and original invitation letter (or telex send directly to the consulate)
    • for a multiple entry, asked with a special invitation letter (A4 size), a copy of an old Russian visa of the previous year is needed. 
    • guarantee letter from the belgian company on which must contain the following information : 
      • addressed to the attention of the Consulate of Russia in Brussels
      • full name of the traveler
      • exact purpose of visit to Russia
      • name, address and phone number of the inviting company 
      • TVA Number + description of company

Additional documents for Tourist visa  

    • official confirmation from the hotel in Russia also called visa support/voucher
    • two-way Flight confirmation 
    • for retired persons: a proof of solvabilty of min. 1500€ during your stay in Russia: bank statements are enough.

note: the max. stay as a tourist is 14 days. All stay exceeding the 14 days must be proven by an official program given by a local agency in Russia or other official documents (ticket of a museum, concert,...) 

for Business and Tourist purpose, an extra application form must be filled up for the following nationalities 

Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Iraq, Iran, China, North Korea, Nepal, Pakistan, Rwanda, Syria, Somalia, Chad, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia. 
the form is on PDF below the page. 

for former Russian citizens or countries which used to belong to the ex URSS, a special form needs to be filled it out (see documents PDF)


    • normal delay: 1 week
    • express: 4 days

US citizen / UK citizen / Canadian citizen 

    • special application form 
    • delay: 2 weeks, no express possible 

Invitation A4 size delay

    • if it is for a single or double entry, the delay is 1 week
    • if it is for a multiple entry, the delay is 2 weeks 

No express procedure can be asked in this case

List of insurance valid to apply for a Russian visa :

the document must be an official letter written by the insurance company. 

    • AIG 
    • AIM 
    • AXA 
    • CORIS 
    • DKV
    • IPA 
    • TOURING 

If your insurance company is not part of the list but is authorized to cover the traveler in Russia, a name of a sister company in Russia must be mentionned on the letter. The letter (in Russia, French or English) must mention the name of the traveler, the period the traveler is covered (must be the same dates as put on the invitation letter or voucher). 




Type Description VAT Excluded VAT Included
Normal TOURISM 58.14 63.0
Urgent TOURISM URGENT 93.14 98.0
Normal BUSINESS 58.14 63.0
Urgent BUSINESS URGENT 93.14 98.0
Normal WORK VISA 95.14 100.0
Urgent WORK VISA URGENT 131.14 136.0
Normal WORK VISA DOUBLE ENTRY 117.14 122.0
Normal WORK VISA MULTIPLE ENTRY 167.14 172.0