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Regional Government 
Ave Fr Roosevelt 228
1050 Brussels
Tel 02 513 72 28


Please find the attached files and note the following points:

1. The application form should be filled in all its parts

(Each passenger should fill its own form- family of 4 persons should apply with 4 visa Forms)

2. A coloured copy of your passport (Validity more than 6 months)

3. A coloured copy of your permit of stay & ID

4. No. 1 photo (3x4 cm)

5. Your full address.

6. Full and detailed address of the person you are visiting in Kurdistan.

7. The request should be sent by post to the address below in this email indicated.

8. The request will be analysed and forwarded to Erbil

9. The KRG Mission to the EU will contact the concerned person when the Visa Clarence letter is received from the Ministry (Erbil).