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Since Austria is a member of the European Union and the Schengen Area, the following entry conditions apply:

Belgian citizens and citizens of other members of the Union need a valid identity card or passport to enter Austria. The passport cannot have expired for more than 5 years. These people can stay in Austria for three months without further formalities.

Citizens of third countries who have a valid residence permit in Belgium do not need a visa to enter Austria.

The third-country national must not only have a valid travel document, but must also have this travel document:

  • have a validity period at least three months longer than the date on which they intend to leave the territory of the Member States.
  • has been issued for less than ten years.


From 20/11/2015, visa applications in the Schengen area can only be submitted and processed at the representations in Munich, Ljubljana and Bratislava. In all other Austrian representations in the Schengen area, applications can only be submitted.

This means that the Austrian Embassy can no longer issue a visa. It can only accept visa applications and forward them to one of these three representations. The transmission of biometric data (if the fingerprints have not yet been registered following a prior procedure) as well as the payment of visa fees must be made in the representation, among the three mentioned above, which processes the procedure visa



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